Look Forward

I was reading some articles, and I stumbled upon this comment:

“I’m in a LDR and was very excited to see that this was the subject of your blog. 🙂 I have become ME by virtue of my LDR, which never would have happened if I had a significant other that lived nearby. I used to become absorbed in the other person, and I was, I’m ashamed to say, codependent. But I have a relationship now with the most wonderful person, and even though he is six states away, I have learned how to cultivate my own life, making me and my inner life the most important thing, instead of making him my end all and be all. It was very, very, difficult until I realized that this was a gift from the Universe and now I love myself enough that even if our relationship were to end, I’d be sad, but I’d live through it.”

I really hope this will be me one day.




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