Free Time

So. Yesterday was an extremely busy day, I rushed from one place to another all the way from before 9.30AM to almost 10PM. Seeing Faith on Skype after such a long day felt so good. It’s like coming home, haha.

Today was supposed to be a relatively busy day too. Not as busy as yesterday, but I was predicting myself to be busy from 9AM to around 8-9PM. However, things ended up being way more efficient, and I was done by 6PM. I was dumbfounded. I thought to myself, “Omg, I have free time. Noooo, don’t do this to me! I don’t want to be alone with my mind. I need to be busy to be distracted!”

In the end, I went back to my room and did Thursday’s French homework and next week’s Chinese homework. I was thinking of doing the optional German homework too, but my brain decided that I’ve had enough 😛

I booked two plane tickets. One to see my family in September, and one to see Faith in December. Yoohoo!

There are still so many things to do, actually.

I went to swim at the swimming pool at UTown for the first time ever today. It’s on campus, and it looks like this:

UTown Infinity Pool

Yeah. Why in the world did it take me so long to go to the pool? XD

Problem with pools on campus for me: The Olympic size pool in the Sports & Recreational Centre is too hard-core. I can’t relax, and have to swim 50m at one go. That makes the inertia of going to the pool so big :p So I decided to try the more relaxing UTown pool instead. I’ll honestly say it’s too relaxing XD There were like around 20 people in the pool, maybe, and I and another guy were the only one swimming. The rest were either standing and chatting in the middle of the pool, hugging their gf/bf, or daydreaming and doing nothing. Oh well.

The bigger problem actually lies in the shower. There is no cold water whatsoever. There’s only hot water. You know how warm water is actually just a mix between hot and cold water? Well, when I said there’s no cold water whatsoever, I mean to say that there is no warm water either, just *really* hot water. @_@

Now. Another thing that I want to try but haven’t yet done: step into and workout in a gym. I can’t really run, at least not until I’m sure my hips are better, but I’m pretty sure the stationary bike should be fine. Maybe even build an arm muscle or two :p I don’t know, just anything really, to keep just a little fitter, and therefore also happier.

After many days of making myself busy on purpose and always meeting new people, I may now be ready, and a little wishing, for some self time, haha. Swimming was good, I had some time with my mind, and we made peace. Doing homework was actually quite fun too.

Live one day at a time.



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