Quick post, because I have to leave home soon. Something I forgot to write about yesterday: analogies 😛

I love analogies. It helps me see things in a simpler way and makes it easier to find possible solutions.

An LDR is like a garden that needs a lot of taking care of. It’s no cacti garden. A lot of effort is needed: sowing new seeds, trimming unruly bushes, watering the plants. Most importantly: weeding. Doubts are like weeds that will poison and kill the garden if ignored and let be. They will grow and take over the whole garden, and before you know it, it would be beyond saving. Moral of the story: constant care is needed. I’d say this goes to all relationships, but that I feel it much more now that we’re more than 10000km apart.

Another apt analogy for an LDR is that it’s like running a marathon. Well, unlike marathons, the length may change. The day when we close the distance could be sooner or later, depending on how everything goes. But it is an endurance test for two. It will be hard, and it will change us, we will evolve and grow. It could make or break us – like a marathon, we could fail and DNF (do not finish), but we could also succeed and look back proudly. Don’t take all 42.195km at one go, think a km at a time. Look forward to water stations, aka visits. Unlike a marathon, it is a test for two. You’re never alone. 🙂



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