When someone you love has depression

Found this gem of a post. That “metaphorically beat themselves up about it” part resonates with me. I know that it’s not my fault I have (or had) depression, but when I’m down, it just feels like I’m a burden to everyone around me. People who can accept me the way I am are far and few in between, but when I do find them, I remember them always and hold them dear in my heart.

Often when speaking with someone who suffers depression they comment that those they love ‘just don’t understand’. The sufferer struggles then with feeling as if they have failed the people that they love and therefore they metaphorically beat themselves up about it and sink further into the depressive state.
I guess when you are on the outside looking in, you have no comprehension of why the person you love is feeling the way they do. After all, they have every reason to be happy – so why aren’t they?

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