The Call

Hanging up is as hard as usual :/

I’m quite touched that he bore with me despite being tired, hihi.

So much feelings, after 1.5 weeks since our last Skype call. I just can’t stop grinning when I first saw him today. And then with seeing comes the longing, wishing that I could just reach into the monitor and ruffle his hair and hug him tight.

Even if I want to be clingy, I can’t 😦

I experienced a moment of weakness again. This time, I cried a little. It felt quite a relief, though, that I know I’m not pretending to be strong. Sometimes I pretend without even knowing that I’m pretending, and I only know after the damage has been done. I’m learning to be accepting of my negative feelings, too.

There’s still a lot to learn. I still have to get much stronger.

Dear Faith, I love you, and I love it that we’re in this together. I’m glad that it’s you.



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