Hanging up was not as hard today 🙂 I’m just happeeee~!

I love us. I love how we can talk about anything under the sun (and moon), and I love how we make each other laugh. I love it that we have such a wide range of topic to talk about, and that we’re open to trying new things (like our failed attempt at playing multiplayer games today, hahahaa).

An LDR is definitely not putting a hold on a relationship. It tests a relationship, and develops it. Its nature might be slightly different from a close distance one, but at the end of the day, it’s still a connection between two people with the understanding of exclusivity. (Not every LDR, of course, but ours is.)

It was a very nice Sunday Skype call. All the longing from the past 1.5 week was thoroughly quenched, and I’m back in a state of contentedness. Everything is and will be fine.

I love you, Faith. You continue to surprise me with your warmth and initiative and openness.

Hihi, I hear harmonious melody in my head~ I think I’m ready to face an even busier week!



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