And make it double!

I have 8 minutes to write before I have to go! Hihi.

Just skyped with Faith again. It’s always so nice to see how happy we both are to see each other!

It was a bit hard to concentrate in class today. My thoughts kept going back to Faith. It’s usually not as bad, but well, I did manage to listen to most of the lecture in the end, with a few daydreams in between and me urgently prompting myself to focus on the lecture first and then I can daydream all I want once it’s over -.-

I can’t really remember how exactly we got together. There’s got to be some magic involved :p It just seemed to work out.

I’m flying back home tomorrow, for about 5.5 days. I haven’t been home since 8.5 months ago, so it’s nice to finally go back home. Yeah, I’ll be dependent on Wi-Fi and won’t have 4G as a backup, but I think the Wi-Fi should work out just fine. You see, ever since getting into an LDR, the internet, which has always been important to me, has taken a wholly new level of importance. Without the internet, there are still voice calls using Skype credit, or sms-es, but they’re not free (and as such you can’t call for hours or send hundreds of messages :P). The other alternative is snail mail, which has a significant loading time. Skype video call is still the most important tool.

Heh, and….things like hugging your laptop happens when your boyfriend is “in” the laptop XD

I’m going out now, but I’ll be back in a couple of hours’ time, and then maybe I’ll get to Skype with Faith again, yoohoo! 😀



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