Reblogging: challenges of closing the distance

I found this post on another blog and decided to reblog it.

I have some of this worries, too. Not in terms of leaving home, since I already left home, even if “closing the distance” means an additional 10000km to home. But this opens my eyes to the very real possibility of having different expectations. Fear of loneliness is definitely real. If I leave Singapore, I will have to rebuild my life from scratch. All the things I know for the last 8+ years will be gone. And what if Faith does not want to see me as much as I want to see him? What if I finally get culture shock, or language shock? There are sacrifices to be made, but this move is also something I truly wanted, maybe even if I don’t consider the relationship. I’m just being triggered to finally take action and do it.

Expectations. We jumped into this LDR having discussed some expectations with regard to skype and messages frequency, and implied monogamy. Things are working out great, and I believe that it’s partly owing to having set our expectations clearly. I guess before we close the distance, a second working out of our expectations have to be done.

I should think about what I want as well. I’m not quite sure yet. I do want to see him every weekend, and an occasional weekday date night sounds nice, if we end up in the same town. But. It might be healthy for both of us to have our own lives, too. I just hope I can reconstruct a life for me there.




Oh boy. My man and I had an emotional Skype yesterday and this morning as we are starting to make plans for closing the distance in April. Last May he said he couldn’t do distance for more than another year; as he can’t leave his line of work for another 2 years I said I would move there even though at the time I felt far from ready. But I didn’t want to lose him and wanted to give this relationship a proper chance.

After our last visit in August we’ve grown so much closer and in love and I feel ready to move this coming April. I have no reservations about us and we both feel very confident in our relationship. Two months ago he bought a cute little house which he said he hoped I would move into, with him. And so I’ve been picturing a nice little…

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