Can’t stay mad

It’s so annoying -.- I just can’t stay mad at Faith. Yesterday he sent me a message, asking if I want to Skype today. Today, there was no reply all day long, and I went through the process of feeling impatient, worried, annoyed, and then worried again, and then back to irritated, not to mention weak and sick from food poisoning/diarrhea. I gave him a call, but the line was occupied. The thing is, I have no idea until what time I should wait. I remembered something along the line of him wanting to go back to his hometown today, which means quite a number of hours of travel, and which means I might need to wait quite long. I don’t mind waiting quite long, I mind not knowing how long I have to wait for.

I thought of just giving up and go and play a game or something, haha. Then I decided to try calling him again. Still feeling annoyed, I dialled his number, thinking of giving him a piece of my mind and thinking about asking him if I can sulk, because I felt like sulking šŸ˜¦ It might be me beingĀ in a very tech-savvy city with everyone being wired to their phone, but I can’t see the reasons you can’t use your cell phone for a minute to drop a “I’m kinda busy but I’ll type more later” during the course of theĀ morning (and early afternoon).

This time, the line was not occupied. I waited at the dial tone, and then he picked up and said, “Hello?”

And that was it.Ā I couldn’t stay mad anymore -_-

Yeah, and well, my stomach was finally behaving itself :p

See if I can express my annoyances later, even if I’m not annoyed anymore. I think it’s good practice for speaking up. Or see if he can come up with good enough reasons :p

Now, another wait. Shall pick up my other boyfriend in the mean time, the guitar šŸ˜€



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