What do you do when cultures clash everywhere around you? I totally don’t get certain things, and other things about me aren’t understood. What results is a layer of lies upon lies.

That aside, I’ve almost graduated! I’ve written all my exams, and I’m just waiting for the results now. I’ll finally be seeing Faith in 2.5 days’ time!

I should be happy, but I’m just a little blue after all the perplexing things facing me. Sorry for vague-blogging, but I guess I can’t say much if I want to keep up being PC.

I told myself to calm down and take everything in my stride, and to not forget whatever I’ve learned this semester, when I finally got to rebuild my life and realise that I am capable as an individual and that I have friends who got my back.

I just can’t help feeling a little annoyed at my facticity, but there’s little I can do but to keep to my beliefs and move forward. Well, the catch is that I have to always come back to this problem.

The one who’s different is a madman. A totally sane person in one kingdom could be a madman in another. The person has to act sane in order not to labeled a madman and put in an institution. Over time, the person might actually turn mad 🙂

I’m rambling -.-”

The past week had been great. Now I just need some time off and clear out my conflicted mind.



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